20/50 is a European diet pill which has achieved success in the market. It calls itself “The European Weight-loss Breakthrough”. It has developed quite a following among diet-crazed citizens from across the continents. Akavar asserts to change the concept of dieting in the United States of America. Avakar 20/50 claims to be the ultimate fat cure, with fast results without changing one’s lifestyle.

Claimed Benefits:
Akavar acts as an appetite suppressant. It works by restricting your calorie intake and forcing your body to makes use of fat reserves instead. As a result, this will cause your body to lose noticeable weight and inches. You don’t even need to go on a strict diet or exercise at all. You can eat all you want and still lose the weight, although you won’t be eating much since it decreases the urge to do the same.

Questionable Character:
However, several users have reported of gaining back the weight after stopping to use Akavar. Curiously, there is only little information to be found regarding Akavar, inviting skepticism about the product. Akavar does not have FDA approval nor has it published any clinical research. It does not even disclose its ingredients. Researchers have shown that Akavar contains many caffeine sources, including Trimethyxanthine, guarana, green tea and cocoa nut. These can stimulate the central nervous system and induce unwanted side effects. To sum it up, the amount of caffeine found in Akavar is equivalent to three full cups of coffee. 

Side Effects:
Since Akavar is unbelievably high on caffeine, it can cause anxiety, nervousness and irritability and insomnia. It can also cause jitters, muscle twitching and shakiness. Further, Akavar is reported to contain magnesium, which is known to cause gastrointestinal trouble. This can include mild nausea, and bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Schinsandra Fruit, another reported ingredient in Akavar, can cause abdominal pain. Another side effect that is being studied is allergic reaction. Since very little is known about the composition of Akavar, it is very difficult to tell what possible allergic reactions it can cause. Possible signs of allergic reactions may include skin rashes, swelling and difficulty in breathing or wheezing. Furthermore, severe allergic reactions may even lead to irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and even seizures.

Akavar 20/50 leads to a lot of questions. There are definitely serious concerns about the effectiveness of the product and its impact on the body. Hundreds of diet pills and supplements are out in the market right now. As such, it is vital for manufacturers give detailed information regarding their product in order to assist the consumers in making the most intelligent and proper decisions. While most manufacturers obviously have this in mind in promoting and selling their products to the public market, Akavar 20/50 seems to have conveniently left it out. Its promise of being an ultimate fat cure without diet and exercise is impossible to believe, comical even, without scientific and medical support. It leaves a rather disconcerting taste to a skeptical consumer.

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