About twenty years ago, an individual had to do over 2000 sit-ups in one 1/2 hrs per day in order to build body muscle.  Most of the people are busy with their works and don’t have that much time to exercise, at present. That’s why a brand new product born and that is AB Rocket; it takes the users about 4-5 minutes of regular exercise to be able to get a nice figure.  So, why shouldn’t anyone avoid the other “hide-under-the-bed” exercise scams that are available in the market? Actually, the development and theory for the Ab Rocket is tremendous and this is one of the best machines that you might ever use.

Why Ab Rocket is better than other exercise machines?
There are several issues that we would like to say in favor of the Ab Rocket which will make anyone understand the priority of this machine over others. It is better because-
  •         The Ab Rocket is most effective in working with your lower, upper, middle ABS and even your sides. The process goes with the supply of invariably pressure to the exact point of the body.
  •          It takes barely 5 minutes of daily exercise with the Ab Rocket which can rocket your ABS from flab to fabulous. 
  •      It is easy to take exercise with this machine; while taking exercise the user can have a seat to watch TV or listen to the music.
  •       Using a state of the art resistance method, the Ab Rocket fits the body perfectly below your Abs, to rework your final abs coaching machine into a full body coaching machine.
  •     Boost your metabolism and burn calories faster. Resistance strength coaching, alongside a solid Cardio routine, boosts your metabolism to trigger dramatic total body results.

The Ab Rocket comfortably supports your head and neck where as the rolling cushion action provides a delicate massage whenever you're employed at. And with three levels of resistance, the machine is ideal for exercise beginners and professionals alike. It uses "Cylinder Launch Technology" and can tone your Abs faster than the rest offered nowadays. The technology adds resistance to the whole vary motion forcing you to use all 3 seasons of your abdomen which suggests you tone, and tighten all of your abdominal muscles simultaneously.

Every user will like to tone their abdominals, as it strengthens the core or soften inches from your waistline. There is no doubt that people will like the results achieved by the Ab Rocket.
What is Included with the machine?
                  i) 1 x Ab Rocket unit
                 ii) 3 Pairs of Resistance spring - 
                                Low resistance - Blue 
                               Medium resistance - Red 
                               High resistance - Black
·                                      iii)  1 x quick Blasting Workouts - Includes
·                                     iv)  Ab Blaster Program
·                                      v)  Rocking Cardio Dance Program
·                                      vi) Pilates Assist Program
·                                     vii) 1 x English assembly instruction guide.
·                                     viii)1 x Blast away the calories Meal arrange manual - English
·                                     ix) 10 x Recipe cards - English

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