The human body has its own pH level- a measure of how much hydrogen is any solution. For people, the pH level is influenced by dietary choices. For instance, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and meat will cause the internal chemistry of the body to move to acidic levels. Fresh citrus, vegetables, nuts and legumes will push the body towards an alkaline diet direction. A body with alkaline diet has many health benefits, the least of which of is resistance to cancer.
Recently, Dr. Robert Young has published a series of alternative medicine books called “pH miracle.” They outline holistic healing practices as opposed to a reliance on pharmaceutical methods. Young claims that an acidic diet leads to cancer, flu, obesity and osteoporosis, among other health ailments. To remedy this, he recommends a diet concentrated on water and plants.
His diet concentrates upon the fact that energy consumption experiences diminishing returns the further away it gets from the sun. Sunlight comes through the atmosphere and is absorbed by plants. Plants, through the process of photosynthesis, turn the energy to glucose which they use to grow. Animals who eat the plants are the second ones in line. They use the left over energy from the plants to keep their body going. Animals who eat other animals get the sun's energy at a third remove. Plants and herbivores have already used up a lot of the energy by the time carnivores get to it. This is why meat has fewer health benefits than do plants. Plants simply have a lot more to offer to keep the body going.
As a result, whole, non-processed fruits and vegetables are healthier for the body. This does not mean that meat and dairy have to be excluded entirely. Nor should is it suggested that an alkaline diet take the place of normal medical care. Regular checkups also play an important role in maintaining the body's health. Even with a perfect diet, illnesses can still develop. Conversely, a diet which leads towards an acidic pH level provides no health benefits to the body.
The body itself maintains an alkaline range of around 7.4, slightly above the neutral level of 7. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline; anything below it is considered acidic. If the body's PH is acidic, it will be unable to heal itself. If the pH level falls below 6.8, the body itself may cease to function. In this case, death will occur.
In this case, the phrase “you are what you eat” couldn't be more accurate. What you put into your body has an effect on what happens to your body. While there is no such thing as a miracle cure, the alkaline diet is a guaranteed way to keep your body healthy. Anyone who wishes to have such a diet plan like alkaline diet should consider the doctor’s recommendation for the safety. It will not only make the sure that the person uses or wants to use the alkaline diet plan is perfect with the health condition.

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