The basis of the acidity alkaline diet plan sets on two concepts. One is that the pH of the body needs to be managed at 7.4 if the rest of our bodies are to operate appropriately. The second theory is that all meals can be divided into three basic categories namely alkaline meals, acid meals and impartial/neutral meals. Therefore, the acidity alkaline diet plan makes sure the taking of alkaline meals which are mainly fruits and vegetables in contrast to consuming meat and other acid meals. One can say that it is the opposite of a Low crab diet plan.

The acidity alkaline diet plan is followed by taking 80 % alkaline meals while the other 20% of the diet can be acid. The diet plan sets on the fact that our alkaline body system of 7.4 can be managed. The alkaline ash and acid ash should be in the ratios of 80 % is to 20 %. For this rate to be managed, one needs to have a similar balance. Therefore, one must eat a lot of fruit and veggies in contrast to meat and bread. Vegetables like spinach, cabbages, salad leaves, should be part of the plan. Fruits are power houses of energy of the body and should be consumed for proper health. But they are also alkaline foodstuff so help sustain the pH stability of our bodies.

A diet plan aimed at maintaining stability requires consuming a lot of fruit. Celery, mangoes, apples and lemon or lime fruit a help sustain our bodies pH level at 7.4. Apart from fruits and veggies, one can also eat walnuts, honey, buckwheat, amaranth, teas and olive oil while following diet regime. Consuming 6 to 8 glasses of alkaline water is also essential for our bodies to operate well and rid itself of the various toxins.

The acidity alkaline diet plan can help almost anyone. People who suffer from headaches, low energy levels, constant and recurring the common cold, asthma, and even hypertension can easily finds their treat in this diet plan. If the pH of our bodies gets acid, it affects not only the brain and the heart but also simple body system mechanism and processes get defective. Most sickness comes when our body’s defenses are down. The salient point is that diet plan repairs and balances the pH of our bodies thus raising its defense mechanisms and also curing diseases. Medication without an acidity alkaline diet plan will only lead to the short time relief.

Over time, with the acid pH damaging our bodies the sickness will strike our bodies again. Therefore, the only permanent treatment for these diseases is ensuring our bodies are following an acidity alkaline diet plan so that our body’s pH can be managed at 7.4.Even serious conditions like melanoma and arthritis will find their roots in an imbalanced body system pH. Doctors also recommend that the acidity alkaline diet plan should be followed by patients suffering from melanoma along with their medications so as to speed the recovery process.

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