People often ask the typical nutrition question, “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?” The answer of this question varies for a different purpose and gender. Someone asks because of perfect health and nutrition plan, and someone might ask as a way of removing excessive fat in the body, or some people may be trying to build muscle and consume excessive fat in the body. There are several goals behind losing weight, and each of them will need to find that how many calories I should eat to lose weight. We have added a brief description of each goal for everyone to choose the right one:

Natural Muscle Building
Muscle and strength building
Building muscle and strength require a combination of proper diet plan and regular exercise. We can get a healthy body with mass muscle by taking recommended amount of calories and doing regular exercise.
Rebuilding lost body muscle
To regain or rebuild the body muscle by reducing unwanted fat in the body and losing extra weight is one of the issues why people ask that how many calories they should eat to lose weight.

Recomposition refers to maintaining people’s current weight with a proper health and diet plan. By taking minimum daily exercise and controlling food habit, the recomposition goal can be achieved. Let’s have a look bellow to know, “How many calories I should eat to lose weight.”

According to the United States’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “The average person’s minimum calories requirement per day globally is approximately 1,800 kilocalories.” With your normal body condition, nutritionists prescribes, the following chart of day calories to be taken by every adult man and woman:

Weights lose for Men:
According to the US Food and Nutrition Authority, adult males should take 2,700 calories per day to keep the current weight. If someone takes more calories than the recommended amount, then exercise is the best friend to lose this unwanted weight.

Weights lose for Women:
Most of the women are asking, “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?”Adult women should eat 2,200 calories per day to keep pace with their current body weight. In order to lose the excessive weight, one can set a diet plan along with regular exercise.

Weight losing tips:
Human body has the capability to take more calories than necessary. For example, someone needs 2,500 calories per day but taking 3,800. He or she needs to burn the extra 1,300 calories. In order to burn these extra 1,300 calories, one needs to do regular exercise. Health experts and nutritionists also recommended that a diet plan should be developed. Let's see how to deal with these extra calories and how many calories I should eat to lose weight.

Regular exercise of an hour enables one to lose one pound weight a week by burning 500 calories per day. On the other hand, couple of exercises enables to lose 2 pounds a week to burn 1,000 calories per day. It is safe for one not to try losing more than 1-2 pounds of weight per week. One more thing necessary to lose excessive weight is to take nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoidance of fat food is also highly recommended keeping your weight balanced.

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