When I first came across the Ab Slide, I wasn't sure how this device could help anyone smooth out their abdominal muscles. It's a little blue object with two handles and an orange arrow on it. The Ab Slide wasn't like anything else I'd seen before. When I started looking a little deeper, however, I found that the workout it provides is really effective no matter what level of workout you wish to have.

The Ab Slide works like this: place it on the floor then get down on all fours. Push the Ab Slide forward as far as you can for maximum effect. Then come back to your starting position and do it again. Twenty-five repetitions are recommended every other day. On off days, cardiovascular exercises are recommended for increased results. While using the Ab Slide, keep your belly button as far in as it can go. For maximum results, keep your back straight as well. Pushing the Ab Slide diagonally works on your love handles (the external oblique muscles in the abdomen). The Ab Slide works like a sit-up, only in reverse: it exercises ab muscles without the back pain that often comes with sit ups.

An article on gives the Ab Slide a difficulty rating of 7 or 8 out of 10. The exercises, in their words, are “very difficult.” If you're not used to strenuous exercise, it's best to start slow and work your way up. Remember that you have to work out in a way that you feel comfortable. Going too far out of your comfort zone will only hurt your body. The goal here isn't to change your body overnight. Instead, it's a process that must be adhered to over the course of weeks and months.

The exercises take only three minutes a day. The machine comes in three different pieces for easy assembly and a pad to rest your knees on. Once you start working out, bear in mind that your body may not immediately tell you that you've worked out. You may have to wait until the next day for the soreness to set in, if any soreness is present. Keep in mind that using the Ab Slide excessively while your body doesn't feel like it's changed may cause a lot of tightness in the stomach the next day.

The Ab Slide itself costs around twenty dollars, which is less expensive than many gym memberships. It's lightweight and portable. The handle bars detach, allowing it to be stored in a valise, backpack or messenger bag. It requires no electricity and can be used anywhere there is enough space for you to stretch out. If you have a busy schedule, you can bring it with you to work and use it there for three minutes out of a half hour lunch break. On the whole, there is no better way to shape your abdominal muscles than by using the Ab Slide.

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