Tired of looking in the mirror at unsightly red spots around your mouth? Planning a big night out on the town over the weekend but afraid your cold sore will stick out like a sore thumb? As we care about those people and want to help them in getting a revolutionary treatment of this problem, we would like to share the most effective way to get rid of cold sores. We suggest you not to look any further, because Abreva can help! With a patented active ingredient called Docosanol, Abreva shortens the time it takes for cold sores to heal. It also protects healthy cells from further infection. Someone with the experience of cold sores knows how bad it feels.
Ever had a pesky cold sore you just couldn't get rid of?

Cold sores begin with the virus HSV-1, otherwise called the Herpes Simplex Virus. Despite the name, Herpes Simplex is not a sexually transmitted infection. Infection occurs during skin to skin contact with another infected area. If someone else has a cold sore, it's best not to touch that part of the body where a cold sore may be found. The virus usually remains dormant in the body until a cold sore outbreak begins with what is called a “cold sore trigger.” The virus is then reactivated, causing symptoms to appear once again. Cold sore triggers include: fatigue, stress, cold weather, ultraviolet rays from the sun, hormonal changes in women, trauma to the mouth as well as a cold or the flu.

Are you ready to be done with cold sores staying on your face forever?

A cold sore normally lasts for 8 to 10 days and goes through a variety of stages. The first stage, known as “the first tingle” lasts a day or two. The skin may feel like it is tightening. Inflammation and redness may occur. The second stage, known as “the blister stage,” occurs when lumps on the skin become clearly visible. The cold sore itself fills up with virus fluid. The third stage, known as “the ulcer stage,” usually lasts for a short time. During this time, the blisters will pop open and a red sore will appear on the skin. During the fourth stage, known as “the scabbing stage,” a scab appears where the cold sore once was. The scab may itch and/or burn. The final stage, known as “the healing stage,” is where the scab comes off and healing is complete.
Unlike other cold sore medications, Abreva is the only FDA-approved over the counter medication which shortens the length of the symptoms, thus allowing for the healing stage to come sooner. Abreva works together with the body's natural defenses to accelerate each individual stage. This is important in that Abreva ensures the infected areas of your body spend less time dealing with virus cells. As a result, the cold sore disappears quicker than it would through the use of any other cold sore medicine.
For those annoying cold sores you want to get rid of quickly, Abreva is the best solution. It does not require a doctor's signature and can be obtained at any local pharmacy.

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