The abripperx is a set of workouts that target the abdominal area. The focal point of its muscle strengthening is a person’s hip and chest through simple exercises. It should be understood that there is no quick fix when it comes to getting a six-pack, or simply shaping your ABS. But doing these workouts religiously, and observing the right diet, is a fantastic step to achieve that goal. Albeit uncomplicated, like all exercises, the abripperx workouts are not easy. The whole 16 minutes of this set are, in fact, quite painful to do, yet the promise that the routine produces gratifying results serve as an encouragement. 

First of the abripperx exercises is the 25 repetitions of Ins and Outs. In a sitting stance, position your hands near your buttocks, and your legs are close together. At an average speed, the exercise is to get your knees as close as possible to your chest. 

 The next routine in the abripperx workout will be the moving your legs in a circular motion, as if you are riding a bicycle. For 25 repetitions, this abripperx exercise will effectively target your abdominal area, and you will surely feel the stress in your thigh as soon as you lift your legs up. For added balance, you may raise your arms up or to your side. After the first round, go and do the reverse cycle.

The third exercise entails pulling your knees up to your chest, like the first one. In this abripperx workout, however, you need to move your arms as if making a butterfly stroke:  arms rose up when you pull out and arms cupping your knees when you pull in. 

Sitting down with legs wide open, you can do the fourth exercise which is the wide leg or cross leg sit-up. It can also be done sitting Indian-style. This will require you to raise one arm straight up then reach the opposite leg and stretch as far as you can. It is simply an exercise of reaching up and over, easy to say yet difficult to do. 

Fifth in the abripperx routine would be the Fifer Scissors exercise. You will need to make a scissor-like motion: one leg straight up and the other parallel to the floor. During approximately 25 repetitions, both legs should be kept in the air.

Hips up and the hips down is the essence of the sixth routine for abripperx. Place the bottoms of your feet together, making your knees pointing out and raise your legs up by using your hips to shift upwards.

 A variation of the previous workout would be next: keep both legs straight up in the air and move your hips up and down, for a good 25 repetitions. 

This will be followed by V-ups, or sit-ups with legs rose up in the air, with the tips of your hands touching your toes. A key factor in this exercise is to keep your hands in the air even as you bring your legs up and down.  Abripperx obliques, or side crunches, are next. Lie on your side with legs at an angle of 45 degrees. 

You are to do 25 repetitions for each side: bring your leg to your chest by placing your weight on your hips, with one arm behind your head to support you. 

Second to the last abripperx workout would be the leg climb which is done by raising one leg straight up, and the keeping another one down half-bent. You then reach up and touch your toes, doing this routine 14 times for each leg. The last in the set is what is called the Mason twist. By sitting straight up and keeping knees bent, you quickly bring your feet up while swiftly touching the side of your body with a closed fist. One rep would be counted as you touch both sides. You can as many repetitions of this exercise as you can. In the beginning, as you regularly do these abripperx workouts, your body will experience soreness. Nevertheless, the reward is that you will sense greater strength in the next few weeks as you continue doing the abripperx workouts. Over time, you will observe notable results: significantly less fat and a more defined abdomen. 

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