While there are certain workouts that target the ABS, on ab slide employs the use of your abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles in your back, chest, arms and waist. This exercise equipment is made of strong plastic, designed to provide muscle resistance as it is being pushed and pulled. It has two metal bars on the side that is padded, intended to be pushed forward and pulled backwards by the person using it for his workout.

The ab slide is equipment that focuses on toning certain spots of the body through continuous exercise.  It is created with the idea of spot reduction, targeting the upper and lower abdomens and nearby muscles. Utilizing the sliding bodyweight scheme, the bars of the ab slide offer the needed resistance when pushing down and pulling up, thus strengthening the muscles in the midsection.

However, one should practice caution when using workout equipments. It is best to always use the ab slide with an exercise mat or a padded mat. To begin with, kneel on a mat and place your bottom on top of your heels. In the kneeling position, you will grip the ab slide bars on each side and raise yourself up, this will make you balanced on all fours. You then slowly push out the ab slide as far from yourself as you can, making your body parallel to the floor in an upright position, while keeping your knees on the mat. You should feel a slight resistance in your muscles as you push the bars. Slowly, pull the ab slide back toward you to return to your starting position. There should also be a significant resistance as you pull back. Making 15 repetitions of this routine will target your midsection. 

The exercises using the ab slide are quite simple to do. However, you should only use this equipment every other day so that your muscles will have a break from the workouts. On the other hand, to continuously burn fat and tone your midsection, you can engage in cardiovascular exercises on alternating days. Keep in mind that no single workout can effectively target a certain area. It may take you a couple of exercises to get that trimmed ab that you want. 

It is important to know how to use the ab slide properly; otherwise it will do you more harm than good. You do not want to pull a muscle while doing the simple exercises, and you should watch out for the backaches that may arise. Pushing down and pulling up in a crawling position is likely to cause pain in your back. It is best to strengthen your back muscles with other forms of exercise so you can enjoy using the ab slide. Likewise, if you are extremely tall or overweight, you should think twice about using the ab slide

You may opt for the traditional sit-ups to tone your ABS. Nevertheless, then ab slide is a great exercising equipment that offers support for simple exercises, as you use your own body weight to provide muscle resistance. Get toned and firm ABS in the convenience of your home by using this equipment in your routine workouts at home. The ab slide can be quite advantageous for travel as well, since it is portable and easy to assemble so you can bring it anywhere you go and never miss a workout.

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