Alesse is a known kind of oral contraceptive of which women are the main users. This product’s use is mainly to avoid pregnancy. It is a birth control pill, which is only available through a prescription of a doctor. It is a drug that is composed of two kinds of hormones namely the estrogens and the progestin. As a birth control, Alesse works to prevent the evolution of the woman. Taking it can cause certain changes in the cervix that can cause sperm to have a harder time in penetrating an egg thus a lower chance for fertilization to happen. Doctors usually prescribe these pills for girls above 14 years in order to regulate their menstrual periods. This product is also ideal for those who are having painful menstrual cramps. Alesse is useful to young girls that are having problem with acne. A user should always use Alesse, which is in the form of a tablet, with the concern of a doctor; usually the doctors suggest taking this pills once a day.

Alesse has a good familiarity as a birth control pill that has a low dose. Which means, the pills are safe to use regularly as long as the doctor suggests? It is easy to take, as you just have to follow the sequence of the pill in every pack. The course of the pill’s design is based on a woman’s regular menstrual cycle. Many of women are very well suited to use Alesse but there are also others who should not take this pill or simply should avid this type of pill. If you plan to use this birth control, you should be able to know some of the things about it. 

First, you cannot use Alesse if you are currently pregnant or you just gave birth. It is hazardous to use Alesse in these kinds of cases. Aside from being pregnant and recently giving birth, there are also other conditions wherein a woman should not take Alesse. A woman who has diabetic diseases, heart conditions, high blood pressure, liver diseases, uterine and breast cancer, stroke and blood clotting disorder should never consider taking this birth control pill. Women who are above 35 should also seek the doctor’s permission when it comes to using Alesse. There are many conditions wherein one cannot take Alesse. Therefore, it is always important to consult with your doctor on these matters. The doctor’s instruction in using Alesse is very important to follow strictly. You should also be able to tell your other medications to your doctor because they can interfere with the effects of Alesse. There are also medications that are not usable at the same time while using Alesse; because, this might cause you allergic reactions. 

Alesse might be very effective and helpful to many women as some women can have an allergic reaction with the use of this pill. Some of Alesse serious side effects include difficulty in breathing, numbness, severe headache, and chest pain, swelling in some parts of the body, nausea, depression, problems with vision and palpitating. Once you experience one of these side effects, it is important to immediately go to your doctor and seek medical help. If you are experiencing serious side effects, the doctor might make you stop taking it.

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