Aladara is brand of cream that works as a medication for immune response modifier. Alsdara has another name that is Imiquimod cream. Aladara is a medication known to treat certain types of skin diseases. Aladara is a supplement, which can stimulate our body’s defenses on skin diseases. The Aladara cream is popular in perianal warts and external genitalia treatment for adults. Aside for treatment on the external genitalia and perianal warts, many people use Aladara cream as a treatment of bald scalp in adults or Actinic Keratosis. 

It is a condition, where too much exposure to the sunrays causes a type of skin cancer that includes lesions, scaly and rough patches. Aladara or Imiquimod cream has a wide use in treating a certain type of skin cancer known as Basal Cell Carcinoma. Some doctors also prescribe the use of this medication for other medical conditions. Aladara is in the form of oil and water cream that is the combination of 5% Imiquimod. You should use Aladara cream with a doctor’s prescription and you should not stop using it until your doctor told you so. Users should consider the use of this drug with a doctor’s consult. You should also strictly follow the directions given by the doctor and the prescription label, thus you cannot prescribe the said medication for others whom you think have the same condition as you do.

Always apply the right and recommended amount of Aladara cream for you. This is crucial because failure of performing it might intensify your skin condition and can cause some allergic reactions. There are also important things that you should remember when you are using the Aladara cream. First, always keep in your minds that you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you apply Aladara. You should also wash the area where you should apply the cream. Before applying it, let the area dry off first. Also, remember that people should not apply this cream to broken and wounded skin.

You should let these heal first before you can apply the Aladara cream. Normally, doctor suggests for 3 to 5 times a week up until the 16th week. The frequency can vary from the condition being treated and the instruction of the doctor.

There are also important steps that you should follow in using Aladara cream. For genital and anus warts, you should apply the cream 3 times a week. You should do this before you go to bed. Leave this for up to 8 hours every time. After, you can wash it with soap and water. These steps for treatment will continue until the warts disappear. For superficial basal cell carcinoma, the application of the cream can last for 6 weeks. First, you should apply the cream to the areas affected; rub the cream until it disappears. Just like the treatment for genital and anus warts, you can apply the cream before going to bed. You need to leave the cream on it for almost 8 hours and then wash it off using water and soap. For Actinic Keratosis, ideal use of Aladara is twice a week up until 16 weeks. The steps for its application are the same as for genital warts and superficial basal cell Carcinoma.

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