Ever wanted to have fantastic looking abdominal muscles but couldn't afford expensive, clunky gym equipment? Don't want to go to a gym at five in the morning to tone your muscles? With AbRipperX, all you need to get hard-rock abs is an exercise mat, a towel, lots of water and about fifteen to twenty minutes out of your day. There are several steps involved with AbRipperX exercise which ensures benefits of the following 13 physical exercises:
-          The first exercise is called In & Outs. Your hands are placed under your buttocks and your legs, placed together, bring your knees up to your chest.

-          The second exercise is called Bicycles. In this exercise, from a sitting position, you pedal your legs as though you were riding a bicycle.

-          The third exercise is the same as the second, only in reverse.

-          The fourth exercise is called crunchy frog. The arms are extended outwards while the knees are brought together towards the chest.

All these exercises help in reducing excessive fats from the body and anyone can do this more conveniently with the abripperX.

-          The fifth exercise utilizes sit-ups with the legs crossed or spread wide. The goal is to extend each hand diagonally outwards. The right hand will go left and the left hand will go right. If at this point, you feel tired, feel free to take a quick water break. Staying hydrated is also an important part of this process.

-          The sixth exercise is called fifer scissors. In this exercise, go flat on your back and piston your legs and up down allowing for a pause between each repetition. One leg should be on the floor and while the other is straight up in the air. In the seventh exercise you will lie on your back, put your knees on your chest and raise your legs upwards.

-          The eighth exercise is called Pulse UPS. Here you will raise your legs straight to the ceiling without rocking your body too much.

These exercises develop muscle and increase strength; abripperX does no exception even losing far less energy.

-          The ninth exercise requires you to touch your toes from flat on your back. Then, the legs are brought up and the toes are touched again- this is one repetition.

-          The tenth step, oblique V-Ups, is a sit up while lying on one's side. One hand should be behind your head, while the other is in front of your body to keep your balance.

-          The eleventh exercise is the same as the tenth only on the opposite side.

-          The twelfth exercise, leg climber, requires one leg to be up in the air while the other is one the ground close to the buttocks.

-          The final exercise, mason twist, requires the hands to be locked together. They touch the floor on each side of the body from a sitting position.
Put together, all of the exercises strengthen the abdominal region considerably. AbRipperX doesn’t cost so much and require no additional investment. The AbRipperX is easy to use on a daily basis. If you can't do all of the exercises, don't worry. Each exercise is designed to make your abs stronger so that you can do them all in time.

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