Advair is a mixture of two steroids into one inhaler that is prescribed to patients suffering from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases [COPD]. Patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases often go through bronco constriction; this is the narrowing and constriction of the small air passages which results to the obstruction of the easy air flow to and from the lungs. This distraction of air flow through the lungs is known as bronco spasms. This treatment corrects this disturbance of breathing by calming the flat muscles of the lungs; this allows more air through the bronchioles. This process of widening the air ways is done by the bronchodilator. 

Advair contains two steroids these are flovent and servant. The flovent helps in managing and improving asthma signs and symptoms by treating the allergy and infection on the bronchioles. The servant helps in reducing bronco constriction in that, it ensures that the bronchioles are kept open marking it easier for the asthma patient to breathe easily. This medication is manufactured and designed to better symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, chest stiffness, breathlessness and constant coughing. It is extremely relevant to note that this medication is used to correct the blocked air ways of patients with asthma and COPD and not a permanent treatment to this disease. There are two types of advair these include advair Diskus and advair HFA inhaler. The advair Diskus is certified for both COPD while the advair HFA inhaler is standard for only asthma patients.

Many patients who suffer from Asthma and COPD may be prescribed with steroids: such as Adair and they may be instructed to use it on a daily basis this may result to the same side effects. Some of these side effects which are as a result of continuous use of this medicine may require instant medical attention. It is wise to notify the physician if one develops troubles in breathing, a change in the heart rhythm any sign of allergic infections or reactions queasiness, sore throat; muscle pains menstrual period problems, voice hoarseness among others. Apart from all this side effects, the advantage of advair is that it is more suitable than taking medicine as it is an instant medication.

There are crucial and decisive Adair warnings and measures that one should be familiar with it. These cautions are that advair can have a simulative effect on the heart and blood pressure, those people who have conditions should seek medical advice before using this medication. The Adair can lower the immune system of some people so it is wise to get the advice of a medical practitioner before using this therapy. It is advisable to use advair with an informed mind as it can have adverse effects to some users who are allergic to the steroids in the advair. Pregnant women are also advised not to use Adair as it can affect the unborn child.

Advair is a therapy that is particularly useful to patients suffering from Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on just one puff on an inhaled steroid. Before using one, it is in essence to seek the advice of a doctor to be aware of all the risks and benefits of this combination of two steroids.

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