Advair, like many other drugs, has some side effects. Some of these effects may be placid while others may be very serious, and might need an immediate treatment. To start with those symptoms that seem less serious, patients, who have used this kind of treatment for a short period of time, may start to throw up without eating anything that is stomach upsetting. Some of them may also complain of mild muscle aches, others may experience server migraines as well as complain of persistent throat and uneasiness. These symptoms can be easily wiped out with the advice of an authentic medic.

The more serious symptoms are usually caused by a series of allergic reactions. These reactions can lead to a number of health complications. These complications include bronco spasm which is the infection of the bronchioles in the lungs. This inflammation of the air passages can result to chest rigidity which may trigger a number of health difficulties to the user of this medication. The user may at times feel breathless which is as a result of the thinning and tightening of the air ways due to swelling of the air ways. These allergic reactions may also cause skin itchiness and some inflammation on some body parts such as the lips.

  Recently, Medical practitioners have reported that most users of Advair therapy have complained of sight shortness since they began using this medication. This loss of sight sharpness may be linked with the steroid inhaler as its powder particles may enter the eyes  when the patient is using it or when it gets into the system of the person it may affect the nerves of the eyes. In addition the continual use of Advair can result to continuous running nose that cannot be easily controlled. Most patients mistake the running nose with the cold when this is not the case. Worse still, it may cause a change in the color of the mucus. 

It is confirmed that the prolonged use of Advair intensifies the rate of the heart beat in some people. This increased heart rhythm can result to a number of very serious compilations. These symptoms include server chest pains which are associated with heart problems. The patient may also have a steady increase in the blood pressure. An increase in the blood pressure may result in organs complications such as kidney familiars among others. This hike in the blood pressure may also cause lightheadedness to the user and even at times it may cause an increased momentum of thirst of a cooling drink to the user of the drug.

Women who have used Advair have complained of a changed replay of their menstrual period days. Some complain of having heavy bleeding during their days of the month. Others complain of having severe and massive stomach cramps. Apart from this effect on the menstrual cycle of women, some women have reported an awful smell in there virginal discharge. Advair should never be used by any pregnant women as it can lead to pregnancy complications and even to some extent it can cause unplanned miscarriages. The Advair as a type of medication that is helpful but just like the other drugs it has some side effects which can be Adverse at times so before any patient intends to take up this type of medication it is wise to seek medical advice from an authentic  physician.

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