AKAVAR is a weight loss non prescription drug. The manufacturer’s claim that using this will lead to weight loss irrespective of what you eat and even without exercise.

Irrespective of the manufacturer claim, there is lack of scientific evidence to prove that Akavar actually leads to weigh loss. No proper research works have been done in the field. Also this drug promoted a stale life style with poor dietary discipline and no exercise. Such a lifestyle, will definitely lead to a number of other complications even if we achieve weight loss.


As no proper clinical trials have been done on this drug hence there is no systematic information base on possible side effects.

But as it contains caffeine hence the side effects can include insomnia, restlessness, poor metabolism and irregular heartbeat, shakiness, increased urination, heartburn, anxiety.

Also Akavar contains magnesium as active ingredient, which can cause intestinal problems as nausea, diarrhea or vomiting.

Sometimes complications with liver functions are also observed as yellowing of whites of eyes, upper right abdominal pain and dark yellow urine.

It is also possible that you are allergic to one or more of the Akavar ingredients. The allergy symptoms are hives, itching, wheezing, irregular breathing, skin rashes etc. In case of any such effect stop using the drug and consult the doctor immediately.

Akavar contains Yerba Mate as an active ingredient which is known to increase chances on cancer under prolonged uses.

      Some of the important warnings to be adhered to while using Akavar are: 
  Due to high caffeine content Akavar can increase anxiety disorders. So if you see such issue stops taking the drug.
  •   Caffeine can also affect heart conditions. So if you have heart problems take this suppliant only under medical supervisions.
  •  Akavar is also known to effect blood sugar levels. Hence the diabetics need to closely check their blood sugar when on medication.
  •   The glaucoma patients to consult doctor first as this drug can worsen this problem.
  •   Persons with osteoporosis have to take calcium supplement while taking this drug as this drug leads to weight loss.
  •   The effect of Akavar is not yet known on pregnancy. So it is advisable if its use is discontinued during such conditions.
  •   Also interaction of Akavar with other medicines is not properly studied. So if you are already on other medication and see some complication after starting this drug, then stop use of this drug and consult your doctor.
  •   Akavar is made by many companies. So while buying this supplement that the manufacturer is a good established one with compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices and with USP seal.


The only argument in favor of Akavar is that it promotes weight loss without any need of diet control or exercises. But otherwise there are various issues associated with its use as lack of proven clinical study, insufficient declaration on product composition and possibility of the manufacturers suppressing the negative information to fight competition. All these can prove to be detrimental to the users.

Also if user gets any of the side effects detailed above please immediately contact your doctor. Let him judge the symptoms and guide you if the side effects are from using this drug.

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